Follow-up Comment #7, bug #18764 (project freeciv):

Not sure the version dependence is real -- the forum users report it with
2.3.1 whereas my clean build of 2.3.1 didn't show it, but my git checkout of
nearly-2.3.1 (S2_3 r20596) does show it.

Anyway. What I know so far from instrumenting it with debug:
* in client/gui-gtk-2.0/menu.c:real_menus_init(), where the list of
governments is supposed to be added to the submenu, it's not happening because
find_action_menu(playing_group, "MENU_GOVERNMENT") returns NULL
* in find_action_menu(), the call to gtk_action_get_proxies() seems to be
returning an empty list
* given these symptoms one might expect the base menu to be a bit buggered
too (it's updated near here), and indeed it is (see screenshot)

I don't yet understand enough about GTK UiManagers and Actions and proxies to
guess what's going wrong here, though. Suggestions appreciated.

(file #14829)

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