Follow-up Comment #3, patch #2951 (project freeciv):

> Although I'm not sure whether it should be just road-like
> specials for this feature or any kind of special; it wouldn't be
> much more work to allow e.g. units that can't move into
> fallout/pollution squares.

I'm playing with the idea of retiring simple specials completely. They all
could be made in to bases (ones that cover single tile) or roads (ones that
connect between tiles).
Your desing of telling for each unit where it can or cannot go would be
required with current specials for which ruleset cannot provide any
information. But if pollution and fallout would be bases (with concept of
bases probably renamed by the time), we could define units that cannot enter
the tile in base structure. They already have list of native unit classes, and
with combination of "NativeTile" flag that allows units to enter tile
regarless of terrain. Having list of unit classes that base prevents from
entering tile would be quite natural extension to that, and one I've wanted to
do for bases for some time.


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