Summary: Tech loss in ruleset without tech upkeep
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            Submitted by: cazfi
            Submitted on: Wed 22 Feb 2012 07:55:20 PM EET
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>From the forum post I wrote while gna was down:


As tech loss is currently implemented (in S2_4), one may lose techs even when
amount of tech produced is positive, and even when tech loss itself is not
activated in ruleset.
Techs are currently lost simply if players bulb amount is negative. But it has
always been feature of freeciv that bulb amount can be negative - you just
need to work your way back to zero and then forward to number of bulbs
required by next tech. Typically one gets negative bulbs amount by conquering
a city soon after researching new tech, meaning that conquercost is higher
than number of bulbs researched since the previous discovery. In addition to
conquercost there are diplcost and freecost, which can lead to rather stupid
situations (one learns Philosophy, gets free tech, gets penalized for it, and
loses another tech)

This could explain earlier bug reports about AI Settlers suddenly being unable
to continue Railroad building.


This is serious problem, at least with my private rules with relatively high
research costs. I've since observed this kind of situation:

Conquercost in late game being worth several turns research, and AI's
regularly conquering cities, all bulbs gained by research, and more, were
rrgularly lost due to conquercost. This lead to tech loss and setting of
number of bulbs to zero. So net wffect of conquest was that number of known
techs remain same, but number of bulbs were reset to zero. Game even seemed to
find some sort of balance, where this effect stopped made overall progress.
Number of techs never went over certain threshold.


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