Follow-up Comment #1, bug #19560 (project freeciv):

Attached patch makes autosettler to build rail networks. I think it has been
sheer luck if it ever built rails to several adjacent tiles before.

When building railroad:
- Handle tiles that already have roads to be potentail rail tiles, just like
tiles where road is being built.
- Have separate concept for tiles that *do* have rails or are going to get
them, and for tiles that could potentially be updated from roads to rails.
Latter tiles are considered potential rail network tiles, while former ones
may provide alternative route making rail building here redundant.

- Autosettler method of checking existing connectivity takes just neigboring
tiles in to account. With rails taking 0 movement points to travel it doesn't
matter how long detour one takes. Autosettlers build grid of rails when just
one connection between any two places would be enough.
- AI really wants to build the network ("want" is hugely off. Autosettlers
used not to see potential network connectivity points so want was almost never
used, but probably set high in an misinformed attempt to get autosettlers to
build networks) So it builds huge armies of Settlers/Workers to build those

(file #15404)

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