Follow-up Comment #7, bug #19540 (project freeciv):

There was a bug in previous freeciv version that caused different AI behavior
with each different gold_upkeep_style: bug #16413
<>. Since it was fixed I can't differentiate which
style is being used based on AI behavior. I mainly use gold_upkeep_style = 2
for my tests.

I understand it might be a waste of time to revise the code without a
reproducible case. I have catched a savegame with the problem I try to point,
even when I'm not sure if related to shield2gold or not.

I upload the modpack civ2-3 (the version shared in cazfi's web), with the only
change to give shield2gold to workers and settlers. If you load the savegame,
toggle AI mode, and then set timeout 10, the Kosovars are going to lose a
worker and a city wall due to low funds, even when the taxes are set to 60%.
If taxes were set to 80% (maximum under Republic) the bankrupt would be

I see similar cases often while I watch AI games with gold upkeep, and I would
say those bankrupts stopped when I replaced shield2gold by uk_gold, but I'm
not sure, and I do not know how to verify it.

(file #15479, file #15480)

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