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Follow-up Comment #5:

As current files will be considered only srcfiles and not final files, all of
them must be renamed before this ticket is completed. I don't want to rush
that massive rename operation that would be equal pain to revert if we later
find out problems in the system.

Instead I want to go by three steps.
1) Add code to support newline settings (attached patch) Before datafiles are
renamed, system sees them as final target files and happily concludes that
there is no need to build anything.
2) Rename a couple of datafiles for testing purposes. These particular files
will be built by the new system
3) Rename all the remaining files

Attached patch adds make rules to build .rsdata -> .ruleset, .tsdata ->
.tilespec, .sdata -> .spec, .ssdata -> .soundspec, savdata -> .sav, and
.servdata -> .serv
What these rules do is determined configure-time. By default srcfile is just
copied as destination file. Configure option --enable-dataln can be used to
change that so it makes either "dos2unix" or "unix2dos". At this time this
must be given explicitly, automatic detection of the newline conversion needs
is left to future tickets.

(file #15738)

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