I've spend some time with freeciv.net again. This time I started by
forking andreas's code for my own more or less experimental
adjustments. My git is in https://github.com/cazfi/freeciv-web

I just managed to really play the game, albeit with several shortcuts
and hacks compared to the way freeciv.net is supposed (documented) to
be set up.

I didn't find exact freeciv revision freeciv.net code is based on
documented anywhere. After some investigation I have concluded that
it's 16158 as changes of that commit are in, but those of next one are
not. I tried to apply all the patches on top of freeciv r16158
(actually I reworked the patches to apply cleanly with standard way,
and wrote script to do the patching - idea is that freeciv.net version
control should not have hard to maintain patched version, but patches
are applied to pristine freeciv tree). Resulting version differs from
patched version currently in git (does the patches directory lack more
patches - I added ones from two commits README mentioned) and it
didn't even compile. So, my success was still achieved with patched
version from git.

To run freeciv.net on modern Debian, one has to build freeciv with
"--disable-ipv6" option. Ancient freeciv revision depends on IPv6
sockets to listen IPv4 too - IPv4 side is not explicitly handled. This
is no longer true in modern systems and IPv4 is what freeciv.net

 - ML

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