Adding freeciv-dev list too as more than just translations are affected.

On 16 June 2012 02:51, Michael Bauer <> wrote:
> 4) Cut down the number of existing nations (number to be established),

 One thing to consider here is whether we ever want to support truly
massive games. Further increases to max number of players have been
requested and there's some unfinished patches to make it 512. Each
player would need separate (and presumably even non-conflicting)
 I personally am skeptic about increasing max number to that high. To
host so many players also map should be relatively big, and to store
big Fog of War map for each of the 512 players, all the 512*512 =
262144 player relations, and delta network protocol buffers
(presumably we would want to support at least one simultaneous
connection / player) would require insane amount of server resources.
Increase of max number would probably somewhat affect also games where
number is set to lower value (at least ai sometimes allocates memory
based on max number of slots and not current player count because
allocated structures would live over possible player additions). It's
already hard enough to make good freeciv ports to embedded devices.

 - ML

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