Follow-up Comment #3, patch #3323 (project freeciv):

First off, thanks for looking at this. I've been reading the codebase for two
other tickets I am about to open (I am not a programmer so I understand maybe
1/3 of it. Yay comments!), so I can see how expensive this could be.

With regards to fluctuations, how about if range where a number, like city
radius? I imagine small numbers would have the same effect as CAdj then Adj.
The ruleset maker could then decide what an acceptable distance from the city
to the target could be.

I did not know about the sell off. If a building requires a min size city and
the city shrinks, is it sold? Sounds like an expensive routine to check each
turn. Perhaps allow 'persists' or something similar so authors can choose to
have no further checks on the building until it obsoletes?


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