Follow-up Comment #4, patch #3323 (project freeciv):

There's also difference in that "CityTile" requirement can only be used with
effects targeting tiles, while new range proposed in original submission would
be available (only) for effects targeting city. So maybe we should handle
"CityTile" extensions in another (additional) ticket altogether, though it
would be nice to discuss somewhere which one is more urgent in case we
implement just one.
To the mailing list was sent use-case that one should be able to increase
output of a tile with certain resource when city has specific building. Let's
ignore for a while that *tile* output bonus was requested, and consider also
*city* output bonuses acceptable (the two have different limitations and
possibilities. For example tile output is raw food/shield/trade, one cannot
affect gold/science/luxury directly) After that I see the main differences to
be whether number of suitable tiles should matter, and should one be able to
have multiple requirements for the *same* tile. If we go by city (and not
individual tiles) targeted effect, effect is applied just once no matter how
many tiles there would be with required resource (as long as there's at least
one). One cannot have multiple requirements for *same* tile if we go by city
targeted effect. If you have requirement that some tile within city radius
should have given resource and another requirement that some tile should have
river in it, those two tiles either are or are not the same, but either
fulfills your requirement list. In the future we may want to add requirement
type to check if tile is within our borders, and want to combine that with
resource check.


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