Follow-up Comment #35, bug #18243 (project freeciv):

So, where are we with this?

= Perhaps we can ignore it again =

I've checked Ubuntu, and it seems they dropped the troublesome
010_make_bg_changes_queue_repaint.patch from their Gtk2+ packages again --
it's not in their gtk+2.0_2.24.10-0ubuntu6 package, which shipped with Precise
and is also their latest revision.
(Possibly it was re-reverted in LP #889019
Also, Ubuntu's Precise and current Freeciv packages no longer contain their
So, there's every reason to hope that freeciv-gtk2 builds from source will
work on Ubuntu Precise and later.

The troublesome code isn't in the latest upstream gtk2 either (2.24.10).

So, perhaps we get away with it, with Ubuntu Oneiric being the only distro
where trouble remains (for which a workaround exists).

I think I have built and briefly run both the S2_3 gtk2 and S2_4 gtk3 clients
on Ubuntu Precise, having forgotten all about this issue, and didn't notice
any trouble. So that's encouraging. (But I can't re-test more thoroughly right

== Remaining confusion ==

However, I'm a bit confused by the last conversation here (even though I was
There was some hope that patch #2715 would perturb the problem away even in
the presence of the troublesome Gtk code. But that patch only affects the gtk3
But comment #29 et al suggest that patch #2715 didn't help.
For the hard-of-thinking (me), does that imply that you guys have seen this
issue with the gtk3 client? I was hoping it was gtk2-specific.
(I'm a bit surprised if it does happen with gtk3, given that with the Gtk2
client it required the Freeciv theme, and we don't have a theme for
freeciv-gtk3 at all yet -- patch #3095.)

= Thoughts on root cause =

Obviously it would be even better to understand what's going on, rather than
just hoping it goes away.

To summarise some stuff from re-reading this bug:
* Marko found that it only happens with the Freeciv theme.
* He found commenting out "bg_pixmap" bits of the theme made the issue go away
(comment #29).
* The troublesome Gtk patch is in functions called gdk_window_set_background()
and gdk_window_set_back_pixmap(), which seems very likely to be related to the
bg_pixmap part of theming.

Those observations seem related. Maybe that helps someone get to the root

(I thought the warning 'Unable to locate theme engine in module_path:
"pixmap"' might also be a clue. But after digging, I think that's just a
symptom of not having the "pixmap" engine installed -- package
gtk2-engines-pixbuf on Debian/Ubuntu. In particular, I don't think this engine
is used for "bg_pixmap", despite the name -- I think that's part of the core
of Gtk. Inter alia, I've raised Debian bug 677891
<> to make sure the Freeciv package declares a
dependency on this package.)


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