Follow-up Comment #29, bug #18243 (project freeciv):

> at first running freeciv built against gtk3 resulted in an
> immediate segfault - that changed after I added 'if (f)' check
> in load_default_files(void) 

This is now bug #18952

It turns out that freeciv starts to act funny when ever something that is
defined in data/themes/gui-gtk-2.0/Freeciv/gtk-2.0/gtkrc as "bg_pixmap[] =
...". Siomply commenting all those lines out helped client to run. I've yet to
check if this is true for all themes, or just Freeciv default theme.

Patch #2715 does not help when Freeciv theme is used, but if you compile
gtk3-client as gtk3-program it doesn't load incompatible Freeciv theme at all
and it works.


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