Follow-up Comment #4, bug #18196 (project freeciv):

> So, if we took absence of gui_gtk3_* options in the rc-file as
> the signal for migration

FWIW I had a plan to add new internal option that would tell the state of the
migration. Actually, the reason I never implemented this settings migration
was that I had ambitious plan to first implement completely new framework for
handling this kind of setting migrations (not only now, but also in future). I
never found time for it, and I don't think I manage to do it before gtk2->gtk3
migration is needed. So, stage is all yours.

I remember that one design problem with that internal option was to reliably
detect if there's old (pre-2.4) gtk2 settings to migrate if gtk3-client is
first 2.4 client to run, or if default gtk3 settings should be used. You have
demonstrated that's almost theretical problem as migrating from gtk2 default
settings would in 2.4 yield identical results. But then again, we probably
don't want to touch migrating code again (for those people who start to use
gtk3 only in freeciv 2.5).


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