Follow-up Comment #10, patch #3345 (project freeciv):

To prevent cheating clients on multiplayer games server sends units to client
only when player is supposed to see them. If your effect is not active at the
time server decides whether to send units inside particular city during turn
change, units are not sent. Nothing in your patch would cause server to
suddenly send the units when effect is activated. I think that appearance of
the bug is also subject to the order of in which players and their cities are
handled during turn change - ones handled before one that finishes the wonder
had no effect activated, ones handled after wonder city had effect active.

This is impossible to fix in general case of any kind of requirement getting
fulfilled and effect thus activating. In similar situations we have either
made it a rule that effect is checked in turn change only (you could make
server to check if the effect is active at turn change and save the result to
be used rest of the turn) or making only some requirements (building, tech) to
work correctly and just documenting other requirement types unsupported for
the effect. In this case I would prefer former as I can see perfectly sane
custom rulesets using many different requirement types for this.


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