Follow-up Comment #2, bug #19925 (project freeciv):

Ok, this is really weird, but I'm pretty sure I tested it properly... (with
trunk r21520)

When I copy the files from "Civ2Civ3" folder into "Classic" folder (replacing
them), then I can play civ2civ3 rules without the assertion error, no matter
if I use the default.serv or the civ2civ3.serv.

I would thank confirmation of this error:
1- Compile trunk r21520
2- run server: ./fcser -r data/civ2civ3.serv
3- run client: ./fcgui
4- Connect to network game and end turn
-- assertion error here --

5- Copy files from "Civ2Civ3" folder to "Classic"
6- Repeat 1 to 4 to verify there is no assertion error this time


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