Follow-up Comment #5, bug #19925 (project freeciv):

The --enable-debug compilation error was fixed in bug #20057

> When I copy the files from "Civ2Civ3" folder into "Classic"
> folder (replacing them), then I can play civ2civ3 rules without
> the assertion error, no matter if I use the default.serv or the
> civ2civ3.serv.

Was civ2civ3.serv still loading from rulesetdir civ2civ3, i.e., the very files
that were crashing before?

Then the only explanation I can think of is that problem was specific to
loading civ2civ3 to replace classic rules (that anyway are initially loaded).
Once you overwrote normal classic rules with civ2civ3 rules, you were no
longer using real classic rules even initially. Then the bug could be
something similar to what we had with government count changing when loading
new ruleset with more government types (in fact, as memory corruption bug, it
could have been not only similar, but the very bug causing this too) That was
bug #19800, fixed in r21889


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