Update of bug #19942 (project freeciv):

                 Summary: Continue to allow client-started network games in
S2_4 => Continue to allow client-started network games in S2_4?


Follow-up Comment #1:

Ugh, but then what do we do about "Start Scenario Game"? You want all four
options. And the same for "Load Saved Game".

Perhaps we instead need the option of a pre-pre-game screen where you can
decide whether it's a network game, whether to tell the metaserver, which
scenario/savefile to use, etc. Need to handle this carefully or it will become
confusing; perhaps it's a popup dialog before the pregame screen rather than
yet another screen.

We could still have a "just start the game already" button which starts a
single-player game. Loading an existing single-player game should be easy too.
And ideally the tutorial should be easy to reach.


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