Follow-up Comment #2, task #7606 (project freeciv):

modpack.list and .modpack files are already on, but latter
still point to actual files elsewhere. I hope to move those currently hosted
at to before beta1 - but that's not a blocker as
everything works, including the fact that .modpack file downloads can be seen
from logs. :-)

I've left Alien out from stable release modpack list. I don't think it's yet
ready for average user use. I'll keep it in third tier of modpacks once we
have forums back (1. Those included in freeciv proper, 2. Those in default
freeciv-modpack list. 3. Those for which freeciv-modpack URL is mentioned in
forums, wiki etc. 4. Those downloadable as .zip or tarball. 5. Those you have
to ask from the author)
Given that freeciv-modpack in 2.4 has option to select modpack list with "-L";, I'm probably going to
maintain alternative modpack list for those modpacks that do not make it to
default (every user's) list.

I actually would like to hear opinions about Ancients ruleset's status. Should
it be in default modpack list?


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