On 2 August 2012 21:23, Nickalaus Ewing <nickalausew...@yahoo.com> wrote:
> Hello, I've been trying for a couple days now to start my own server so my
> friends and I can play together, but I'm stumped as to what to do. Let me do
> a play by play for you and tell me what I did wrong.
> Last night, I first start up the server, the command prompt pops up and it
> loads the default ruleset and the default 5 A.I. players.
> I followed the instructions on the wiki and type in "metaserver up" (without
> quotes), and I can see it on the metaserver webpage, and in the game.

 Command "metaserver" sets metaserver address to connect to (in case
you want to use alternative and not default metaserver)
 Connection status is controlled by command "metaconnection":
> help metaconnection
Command: metaconnection  -  Control metaserver connection.
Synopsis: metaconnection u|up
          metaconnection d|down
          metaconnection ?
Level: admin
  'metaconnection ?' reports on the status of the connection to
  metaserver. 'metaconnection down' or 'metac d' brings the metaserver
  connection down. 'metaconnection up' or 'metac u' brings the
  metaserver connection up.

 If you really saw your game in metaserver web page, it was probably
just not cleaned yet, but that "metaserver up" has caused you to
abandon it. (Did you use commandline parameter "-m" when launching
server? That's same as writing "metaconnection up" immediately when
server starts)

> Then whenever my friends and I try to connect to it, we get
> this error "operation completed successfully", but none of us are in the
> lobby. Wtf?

 I don't think it says anything if connection truly success. So the
existence of "operation completed successfully" indicates that there
was something went wrong (and presumably then some freeciv bug caused
it to lose the real error message and say success instead)

 - ML

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