Hi Freeciv Team!

I am a PhD candidate at De Montfort University in UK, working on
Computational Intelligence for Computer Games. For my current studies
I am thinking of using Freeciv as test bed for my research on AI in

On your web site I have seen that you are currently re-writing the AI
code for v2.4. Is there any document describing the "big picture" for
custom AI's? I have skipped through the latest source code a bit, seen
the AI stub and ai.* files in the "common" dir, but I am not sure
about each of these functions in detail,m when they are called, etc.

Also, I am new to Freeciv dev in general, have not worked on the code
so far, only played the game in the past. What would be the best way
of debugging my own development? When writing a new AI for Freeciv, I
of course want to see how it works bit for bit, so a debugging feature
would be very handy!

Beside that, thanks for the great effort you put into Freeciv!

Kind regards, Matthias

Matthias F. Brandstetter

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