Thanks, I will check that out a bit more in detail and get back to you then!


On 18 September 2012 01:49, Marko Lindqvist <> wrote:
> On 16 September 2012 15:52, Matthias F. Brandstetter <> wrote:
>> Hi Freeciv Team!
>> I am a PhD candidate at De Montfort University in UK, working on
>> Computational Intelligence for Computer Games. For my current studies
>> I am thinking of using Freeciv as test bed for my research on AI in
>> games.
>> On your web site I have seen that you are currently re-writing the AI
>> code for v2.4.
>  Actually, we've for most part ceased feature development for 2.4 last
> November when we branched stable branch to make 2.4 releases from once
> it gets stable enough. That AI reorganization was finished before
> that, though, and in since then there has been only a litlle bit of
> development on this field on trnk (from which next branch will be 2.5)
>  That was not so much rewriting the AI code itself than reorganizing
> how it gets called. AI code used to be mangled to all server code, now
> things are more modular, AI code being separate from the other server
> code. It was done in a way that completely new AI implementations can
> be introduced as (loadable) modules - distinct players can use
> distinct AI implementations. Server calls AI callback functions at
> defined situations. Those callback functions for AI module to
> implement are listed in common/ai.h. In addition to those callback
> functions module needs to define just two functions, one to initialize
> it and second to return its capability string for checking
> compatibility between the server code and the module while loading the
> module.
>> Is there any document describing the "big picture" for
>> custom AI's? I have skipped through the latest source code a bit, seen
>> the AI stub and ai.* files in the "common" dir, but I am not sure
>> about each of these functions in detail,m when they are called, etc.
>  I'm afraid the documentation is still quite much lacking - so far
> I've only added comments to common/ai.h about when each callback gets
> called.
>  As AI runs just as part of server binary, it has access to all the
> data, freedom to modify it any way it wants, and to call any server
> functions. This means that AI module can cheat as much as author dares
> to make it to cheat. It also gives AI author responsibility not to
> mess game state.
>> Also, I am new to Freeciv dev in general, have not worked on the code
>> so far, only played the game in the past. What would be the best way
>> of debugging my own development? When writing a new AI for Freeciv, I
>> of course want to see how it works  bit for bit, so a debugging feature
>> would be very handy!
>  There's no single catch-it-all feature for debugging. Depending on
> what exactly I've wanted to know, I've combined several techniques. In
> most cases you want to run autogames (games with no human players)
> with predefined random seeds for reproducibility. You can run them in
> debugger, collect logs (get familiar with logging macros in
> utility/log.h) and compare results between original and modified AI,
> creating starting situations in editor.
>  That's the most general level view, feel free to ask more detailed
> questions once you get yourself familarized with the code.
>  - ML

Matthias F. Brandstetter

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