On Mon, 2012-09-17 at 03:18 -0400, Gilles J. Seguin wrote:
> On Sun, 2012-09-16 at 14:52 +0200, Matthias F. Brandstetter wrote:
> > Hi Freeciv Team!
> > 
> > I am a PhD candidate at De Montfort University in UK, working on
> > Computational Intelligence for Computer Games. 
> you got the right name, AFAIK the (meta-)heuristic date back
> like 15 years, where unit like fighter and stealth were not implemented.
> In a time where connection was made with 14.4 kbps.
> The game is design such that the lowest latency player win
> (at least in combat). And receive commands can frooze the gui.
> If you do not understand, then search "simulation time"
> and increase the thing to like one seconde, and send 50 units,
> everything will break loose. 
> > For my current studies
> > I am thinking of using Freeciv as test bed for my research on AI in
> > games.
> send me your progress.
> Even more the library and scheme you intend to used.
> Obviously, the CI will need to be put in a thread, and report when fast
> enough.
> In warciv, we used a custom island, to give same chance to every
> players. the island is copy to to fit in the map.
> designing fair map is also a challenge, when not using identical island.
> Example, without using sea.  you should see the problematic, and how
> computer intensive it is.
> http://www.mapeditor.org/ can be some help for making map.
> i find the isometric of no used for playing or analyzing strategy, you
> may differ.
> > On your web site I have seen that you are currently re-writing the AI
> > code for v2.4.
> i do not their intention/design, i am from warciv version.
> >  Is there any document describing the "big picture" for
> > custom AI's? I have skipped through the latest source code a bit, seen
> > the AI stub and ai.* files in the "common" dir, but I am not sure
> > about each of these functions in detail,m when they are called, etc.
> i can not help there. Part of the AI is also CM(city Management).
> > Also, I am new to Freeciv dev in general, have not worked on the code
> > so far, only played the game in the past.
> >  What would be the best way
> > of debugging my own development? When writing a new AI for Freeciv, I
> > of course want to see how it works bit for bit, so a debugging feature
> > would be very handy!
> recording/replaying would be very useful
> - for testing
> - for debugging
> Since CI/AI is a client thing, it means gui(graphic user interface) is
> in the way.

from received comments
- civserver is running the CI(computational Intelligence) code.
  because the CI is cheating, he is using all informations.
  That is the server play without even any client connected.
- civserver should start client processes.
  reason being that it is CI(computational intensive)
  if on same computer, use pipe not TCP.

> The easiest thing for debugging is to used two computers.
> That is, you do not want input to mess up the gui event loop.

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