Follow-up Comment #2, bug #20269 (project freeciv):

It occurred to me that "Shidt + T" even couldn't really unload units from
ships at shore - that would leave cargo on its own on non-native (ocean)
terrain. "Shift + T" to really unloading units, as opposed to current behavior
of simply activating them so that user can unload them, it would need to move
units to (random?) adjacent land tile.

Would it be better or worse for the usability if "Shift + T" behavior depended
on whether cargo can exist in current tile or not - all units would get
activated, but those that can exist in transporter tile would also get
automatically unloaded to that tile. That would fix both problem of not being
able to unload zero move_rate units, and the case where cargo should stay at
the city it's unloaded in?
Or should this work (as I suppose it currently somehow does) that you first
use "Shift + T" to activate cargo, and then "U)nload" them, or unload them
using citydlg present units area.


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