Follow-up Comment #3, bug #20269 (project freeciv):

> Would it be better or worse for the usability if "Shift + T" behavior
> on whether cargo can exist in current tile or not - all units would get
> activated, but those that can exist in transporter tile would also get
> automatically unloaded to that tile.

This is ideal: fully unload all units that can exist in the target hex.  Those
that can't, stay in the transport.  It is also exactly what i'm seeing now

One case worth considering is when there is a second transport in the same
hex.  Is it unrealistic/impractical to move, say, Freight from one ship to
another in the middle of the ocean?  Hmm, i seem to recall there was another
tracker item about this topic but i can't find it just now.

> Or should this work (as I suppose it currently somehow does) that you first
> "Shift + T" to activate cargo, and then "U)nload" them, or unload them using

> citydlg present units area.

That's certainly not the way it works for me now, and i don't remember it ever
having been that way.  After "Shift + T" the units are out [or at least awake]
and ready to go to work when it is their turn to be activated.  'Manually'
unloading them can be done without "Shift + T" - this is what i do when i wish
unload different units in different cities.


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