Follow-up Comment #6, bug #20411 (project freeciv):

Tks, Marko.
I'm an experienced user, this time with Mint I did just the same as I have
always done before so many times (with previous versions of Mint and Ubuntu):
I always download fresh .tar.gz and configure and make it by myself, always
with same compiling options.
But this is the first time I am having this type of problem.
I tried to rename grid.png, here's output:

Unable to find client executable: freeciv
Searching for freeciv clients ...
... using ./client/freeciv-gtk2
Running ./client/freeciv-gtk2
1: Could not load gfx file "trident/grid".
0: Could not load gfx file for the spec file "data/trident/grid.spec".

BTW, with every layer turn off, except map grid, map grid is colored and
shifted too.


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