Follow-up Comment #12, bug #20361 (project freeciv):

> Where this needs more consideration is the experimental ruleset. 
> If the defender is on a tile that the attacker could not enter 
> except via road, then totally negating the road will make the 
> defender unreachable.
I don't think this applies to the current experimental ruleset; if attacker is
Big Land (e.g. Cannon) and defender is e.g. on a hill, either there's no road
on the hill (in which case attack is impossible) or there is one (in which
case attack direction doesn't matter; pathfinding will necessarily arrange
that the source tile has a road).

I don't think it's possible to set things up so that the attacker can only
attack the defender from a certain direction.

However, we'd certainly like that to become possible (see for instance bug
#16383). Will the committed fix need adjusting once cardinal-move-only
roads/rivers exist?


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