On 24 February 2013 22:31, Patrik Baláž <dvojzmysel....@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello. I'm a programmer and student of Artifical Inteligence and recently I
> have chosen a master thesis. Goal of my work is to choose some strategic
> board-game (like Agricola, LeHavre, Carcassone, or Collonization etc.),
> which is implemented allready, and create AI player with variety of
> approaches, algorithms and strategies. Is it possible to create AI player
> for your project? Better question is maybye, if there is still active people
> working on project, which could give me some advices about source code, if I
> would be helpless?
> Thanks.
> Best regards, Patrik Baláž (Slovakia, Comenius University)

 First of all, be warned that freeciv is very complex game, and to
create AI that considers at least the most important aspects is a huge

 While latest already released version of freeciv is 2.3, and there
bits of AI code is a bit everywhere in the server code. For
freeciv-2.4 we've moved it to a clearly separated module, and created
interface between main server and ai modules that is meant to make it
a lot easier to write you replacement AI modules. In fact, it's
possible to have several AI modules loaded at once and different
players using different AI module ("ai type").
 For freeciv-2.5 currently in active development we've made some
further code rearrangements, so I'd recommend working against latest
development version so your work is not getting obsolete before it's
even finished.

 - ML

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