Follow-up Comment #1, bug #20561 (project freeciv):

I've thought about this. Not really practical; consider messages that are
currently constructed out of bits (unit names, numbers, ...) on the server and
sent as single strings to the client; you'd need to send the format string and
arguments to the client to be localised and assembled there; changing any text
on the server will lead to incomplete localisation on clients that aren't
exactly the same version (unless we somehow keep strings from old servers in
the localisations for new clients); any modpack-specific text can currently be
localised in one place on the server would remain unlocalised unless you
managed to deploy translations to everyone's client; and so on.

Another option I've considered is having the client tell the server its
locale, and have the server give clients messages in their own locale. I think
that's easier than the above, but still fraught; you have to refrain from
flattening format strings until the fan-out to individual clients so that you
can send different strings to different clients; text saved in savefiles
(event cache) is hard; etc.


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