Follow-up Comment #3, bug #20561 (project freeciv):

I don't see anything relevant in r22161 -- did you mean another revision?

I think that either client-side or server-side-client-specific localisation
would require all construction of strings from localisable parts to be done by
"approved" means, and format strings and arguments kept in some unflattened
data structure until fan-out to invididual clients in low-level functions; so
that requires a massive audit, and those functions need to be capable of all
the compositions that we want (that are currently happening in ad-hoc ways in
situation-specific code); and probably there are tedious memory ownership and
freeing issues to worry about. So I can't see us getting around to it, to be

But if you are going to all that trouble, I think the server-side localisation
is clearly superior.

> Is modpack-specific text can be translated now?
Well, um. A keen server operator could certainly add modpack strings to the
message catalogue used by the server. I don't know that any do.


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