On 23 March 2013 21:02, Jacob Nevins
<0jacobnk.fc...@chiark.greenend.org.uk> wrote:
> I haven't really been closely following the introduction of threads and
> concurrency into Freeciv, although I've been dimly aware that it's
> happening.

 Slowly, but unreliably.

> However, it seems likely that there are some basics that I (and every
> other developer) ought to know, such as functions and data structures in
> common code that need to be kept thread-safe.

 That's quite a moving target. At the moment almost nothing in game
logic is thread safe. The only shared resource between metaserver
thread and other threads is logging, which is protected by mutex. The
little functionality that threaded AI currently has in separete thread
is quite a hack at the moment, relying on the fact that map
information is never deleted mid-game (it may change unexpectedly
throwing AI a bit off, but that should be rare and not very serious

> Any clues? Does doc/HACKING need an update for this?

 Or CodingStyle? To mention that one should at least strive for thread-safety.

 - ML

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