Marko Lindqvist writes:
>  That's quite a moving target. At the moment almost nothing in game
> logic is thread safe. The only shared resource between metaserver
> thread and other threads is logging, which is protected by mutex. The
> little functionality that threaded AI currently has in separete thread
> is quite a hack at the moment, relying on the fact that map
> information is never deleted mid-game (it may change unexpectedly
> throwing AI a bit off, but that should be rare and not very serious
> problem)

Ah right. Sounds a bit early to worry about yet.

>  Or CodingStyle? To mention that one should at least strive for thread-safety.

It does already contain such an exhortation (almost in those words), but
without more specifics I'm slightly at a loss as to how to put it into
practice, beyond basic re-entrancy.

| - Strive to make your code re-entrant (thread/recursion safe), as long as
|   this does not make the implementation too cumbersome or involved.

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