Follow-up Comment #8, bug #20668 (project freeciv):

So, in the savefile, this missile [l tgt="unit" id=9433 name="Cruise Missile"
/] has a "transported_by" value of -1, not the ID of the sub on the same tile
[l tgt="unit" id=19926 name="Submarine" /]. (There are in fact three other
missiles on that tile, which do have a transported_by value of 19926, and are
appropriate invisible.)

It looks a lot like the missile just happens to be on the same tile as the
sub, just not loaded on it; it looks like it's used its movement points /
fuel. Maybe it has been flying around following the sub? Or maybe it was
trying to hit something (and missed) and the presence of the sub is a
coincidence. However, I think the OP has seen this several times?

I'm not sure if this is a legal situation to end up in -- I don't think a
human player could engineer it (the unit would automatically be loaded?), but
are units that can be transported obliged to be? If not, then clearly the
missile should be visible.

If we are going to allow free-flying missiles, clearly they shouldn't be able
to refuel from transports on the same tile (I don't know whether this one is
benefiting from the sub, or even whether it thinks it will and thus gives away
the sub's existence).

(I can put the savegame somewhere public temporarily if anyone else wants a
look. It seems to be a good stress test (38820 units! 2283 cities!).)


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