Follow-up Comment #12, patch #2265 (project freeciv):

Assuming appropriate client interface, one means to model it would be:

Donor loses unit when ACTIVITY_IMMIGRATE is selected (assuming AddToCity,

Receiver has interface choice in city dialog which may be acted upon at any
time (immigrants are expected to be living in the city illegally prior to
accept/reject: no benefit in terms of production/specialisation, but no
penalties in terms of food use, etc.).  Acceptance ought add to city size even
if the city is too large to normally accept Settler actions, but be blocked by
effect-driven city size limitations.  Rejecting just removes the count of
citizens attempting to settle.  The interface should indicate the originating
nation for each choice.

Selecting "accept" generates:
Donor: "%s has graciously welcomed your %s as citizens in %s",
player_name(receiver), unit_type_name_translation(unit), city_name(city)
Receiver: "%s from %s settle peacefully in %s", unit_type,
unit_name_translation(unit), nation_name(donor), city_name(city)

Selecting reject generates:
Donor: "%s has merciliessly murdered your %s in %s", player_name(receiver),
unit_type_name_translation(unit), city_name(city)
Receiver: "You successfully prevent infiltration by %s from %s in %s",
unit_type_name_translation(unit), city_name(city)

AI would select based on relationship with originating nation (not diplomatic
status, but love) balanced against desire for city growth.


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