Update of bug #20698 (project freeciv):

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Follow-up Comment #1:

Attached a proposed rework of cvercmp which uses subtokenization always, so
that in addition to upstream 1.0.2 "2.4.0-beta1 < 2.4.0", we have
"2.4.0-betamax > 2.4.0".

Also attached an overengineered regression test suite for upstream, which
passes with this patch and fails without (and could have triggered the
segfaults of bug #20680). (Perhaps this should be plumbed into the build
system somehow? I haven't investigated.)

Assigned to cazfi to decide whether he likes them for upstream. If so, I can
turn the net cvercmp.c change (previous + this) into a Freeciv patch.

(file #17683, file #17684)

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