Update of bug #20706 (project freeciv):

        Operating System:                    None => Any                    
         Planned Release:            2.4.0, 2.5.0 => 2.4.0-beta2, 2.5.0     


Follow-up Comment #1:

(I think the main effect of the existing change is to allow the arrow keys to
work for luxury?)

> Noticed that there's 12 steps marked. 0%, 10% ... 110% ?
> Tested only with Despotism as government, so was unable to get 
> past 60% mark.
(My standard dodge for quickly testing governments is to build a city with an
initial settler then use the editor to put Statue of Liberty there.)

Indeed, testing with Democracy shows that we have an extra superfluous
checkmark. Making the obvious changes to remove it doesn't have any obvious
ill effect.

Attached a patch which incorporates the previous one and adds this change
(which would make this into a general "fix Gtk3 rates dialog" ticket, but it
doesn't seem worth separating).

(Another very minor thing I notice is that with the Freeciv theme, clicking
around the rates dialog, the papery background seems to "crawl" a bit.)

(file #17689)

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