Follow-up Comment #10, bug #20706 (project freeciv):

> Can you check the handling of EFT_MAX_RATES less than 40 (30% + 
> 30% + 30% would not make up to 100%)
Bit hopeless.
Server says "in player_limit_to_max_rates() [plrhand.c::1656]: assertion
'surplus % 10 == 0' failed."
In Gtk3 client, rates dialog starts out at all zeroes but limited to 30.
In Gtk2 client, the same except without the limit.
It's not clear what the right answer would be, but there's at least one new
ticket in this.

> or higher than 100?
Both Gtk2 and Gtk3 seemed to cope fine with this (handling it the same as 100%
as far as I could tell).


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