Follow-up Comment #5, patch #3815 (project freeciv):

The attached files provide one possible adjustment to the static helptexts for
S2_4 and trunk.  In trunk, I did not remove the phrases "Planet's radiation
makes it impossible for Earthly organisms to survive here.", "Burrowing units
are unable to burrow through these mountains.", or "No ship without special
equipment can enter." for the alien ruleset as they were phrased in the
negative, and I thought they added a nice flavour and sense of environment
beyond their value as indicators of nativity.  Similarly, one could add
"Trireme captains fear swamping by the heavy seas, and will not enter." or so
to the Deep Ocean texts for classic/experimental/multiplayer, enriching the
storyline of the ruleset without overloading the nativity data provided by
this patch.

(file #17723, file #17724)

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File name: quick-terrain-nativity-static-help-changes.patch Size:4 KB


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