Follow-up Comment #10, patch #3839 (project freeciv):

This change may increase the cases where a player may attempt an impossible
paradrop, but it also reduces the cases where a player may not attempt a
possible paradrop.  While it makes no difference for classical rulesets, this
code means that no UMT_SEA or UMT_BOTH unit with UTYF_PARADROP may paradrop at
all for SDL players, and also means that players using the SDL client may not
paradrop onto oceanic transport, regardless of the ruleset definition of
paradrop_to_transport.  The removal allows these behaviours at the cost of a
network exchange potentially reporting "Cannot paradrop" for units attempting
to do things like paradrop to non-native terrain without transport.  Note that
this network round-trip is currently present for the GTK clients (either
library version: try paradropping into ocean with the classic ruleset).

The GTK clients currently use can_unit_paradrop() as the only condition, with
everything else handled as server response from do_paradrop(), which makes
sense to me, but I didn't want to tear all the conditionals out of the SDL
client because I don't use it, so might not notice if I broke something
removing more than necessary.


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