Follow-up Comment #2, patch #3926 (project freeciv):

> Would it be a great deal of work to add something overriding
> existing definitions? Something like
> ‘*override_with "my_local_nation.ruleset"’ which one can add
> after including the default nation list.

Nothing prevents including addition nations to nations.ruleset after one has
included default/nationlist.ruleset.

> Perhaps we could make this a bit easier with minimal efforts by
> having nationlist.ruleset *include "extranations.ruleset", the
> supplied version of which would be blank except for some
> explanatory comments.

How is creating local copy of extranations.ruleset fundamentally different
from creating local copy of nations.ruleset? All the same search path issues
would be present, I think. (You'd need to place it as
~/.freeciv/default/extranations.ruleset, or worse, separately for each ruleset
~/.freeciv/experimental/extranations.ruleset... )


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