Summary: Ability for bases to hide units
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            Submitted on: Wed Aug 21 20:43:28 2013
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User "begre1929" asks on the forum

"I have a question about the base, in civilization 2, the airbase hid the
airplanes presently on the tile, is it possible to do that in Freeciv ? I
would like to hide my unit in the castles."

I don't think this is possible currently, but it seems like a reasonable
feature request.

In principle it shouldn't be too hard since we already have similar code for
cities. But I think there are lots of fiddly special cases to do with units
coming into / going out of sight, so I bet it takes a while to stabilise.

Another thing to consider is whether indicating the presence of *some* units
is a sub-option (like the city occupied sprite) -- either units in a base are
completely invisible, or you can tell there are some units but not how many or
what there are.

(I haven't been keeping up with "extras", so I don't know whether it still
makes sense for this to be base-specific. You could imagine terrain features
hiding units too.)

For the avoidance of doubt, I have no imminent plans to implement this -- feel
free to grab it.


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