Follow-up Comment #3, task #7729 (project freeciv):

> Another optional change to workflow: do you get map files or
> debug symbols or something out of your build process?
> If so, we should arrange to get them uploaded somewhere where 
> Freeciv developers can see them.
> Whenever we get a Windows-specific crash reported, we Unix-y 
> developers are pretty much in the dark, as we don't have the 
> debug tools. Being able to at least translate a program 
> counter like 0x7c92168b into a source file/line might give us 
> a bit of a clue.
> If there are any other build entrails that can be combined 
> with Windows post-mortem debug dumps to get stack backtraces 
> and the like, all the better.

The binaries contain debug symbols and in case of a crash a backtrace gets
saved in 'freeciv-server.RPT' or 'freeciv-gtk2.RPT' in the installation
directory already. For some reason the source file/line information is missing
in the client report, though. Even 'objdump -dSl' does not show it for the
client, but GDB does. So, we'd need at least the output of 'nm' or perhaps
'objdump -d' for the client to interpret the backtrace addresses. And somehow
communicate to the users to send the report files together with their bug


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