It's about time we list what features we still want to go in to 2.5,
and start following our progress. At this point idea is not to list
every detail and single patch, but the bigger features.
Here's list of features I think should make it to 2.5 (not necessarily
complete - I may have forgotten something) I hope other maintainers to
reply with their own additions and comments to the list.

patch #4190: Split translations to multiple po-files

If we are going to add information about what translation domain translations
about the nation should be fetched to the rulesets, it must be done before
datafile format freeze.


Qt-client is coming along so well that it would be a shame not to get it
to "supported client" status in 2.5. Mir3x probably keeps on working on
Qt4 based version.
It's such a long time before 2.6 is to be expected, that I really don't want
to make Qt-client of 2.5 Qt4-only. We need to support building against Qt5
too. I'm working on that.

patch #3448: "Nation sets": allow set of nations that will ever appear
in-game to be chosen

Affects both network protocol and ruleset format, I think.

patch #4088: Included dependencies of sdl-client

bug #17887: Tech prerequisites misdisplayed in help if root_req set

For a long time this was release blocker for 2.4, until we just worked
around the need to get it done for 2.4. I hope we will not be forced to
do that again with 2.5.

gtk3-client as default

Gtk3-client is default client in 2.5. Its remaining issues should be
resolved that it would be worthy of that status.

Missing art: bug #20536, bug #20032, bug #20031, bug #20029, bug #20030

Getting art contributions has always been hard and wait long. This also means
that we try to avoid creating more art needs to S2_5. Such needs should be
created earlier in the release cycle giving more time for someone to actually
do the work before the release.

 - ML

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