Follow-up Comment #2, patch #4254 (project freeciv):

In theory we could go to 2^8-32 = 224 slots, or to "almost 256" if we rework
savegame2.c (and savegame.c?) so that 32 would not be the minimum step. We
need to have some space reserved for special values that are not even slots
(like barbarians are). The reason I didn't do that in original submission is
the possible scaling issues you mention.
I'd say we take the minimum step now, with option to go to 224 after more
careful analysis. Remember that savegame backward compatibility dictates that
we can go only upwards.

See also patch #3004 about increasing number of players all the way to 512
(that patch kept PLAYER signed, so it had to be made 16bit to make max number
of players over 128 at all)


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