Marko Lindqvist writes:
> Debian already has 2.4.0 in testing. This means that it's on its way
> to next Ubuntu LTS.
> It would be nice not to have all of the bugs of 2.4.0 in LTS, so we
> should release 2.4.1 so that it would make it through Debian to
> Ubuntu.

I agree. How does a release the weekend after next (30 Nov) sound, with
string freeze next weekend?

I've written a preliminary NEWS file:
Review welcome, especially of the description of
<> and the AI changes.

(I've also written a NEWS file for S2_3, with a view to an eventual
2.3.5 release: <>. I'm not
currently proposing to do this soon, although it probably wouldn't be
much overhead to do two releases at once.)

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