On 17 November 2013 11:34, Jacob Nevins
<0jacobnk.fc...@chiark.greenend.org.uk> wrote:
> Marko Lindqvist writes:
>> Debian already has 2.4.0 in testing. This means that it's on its way
>> to next Ubuntu LTS.
>> It would be nice not to have all of the bugs of 2.4.0 in LTS, so we
>> should release 2.4.1 so that it would make it through Debian to
>> Ubuntu.
> I agree. How does a release the weekend after next (30 Nov) sound, with
> string freeze next weekend?

 Nobody has objected your suggestion during this week, so I consider
string freeze active now.

> I've written a preliminary NEWS file:
> <http://www.freeciv.org/wiki/NEWS-2.4.1>
> Review welcome, especially of the description of
> <http://gna.org/bugs/?21144> and the AI changes.
> (I've also written a NEWS file for S2_3, with a view to an eventual
> 2.3.5 release: <http://www.freeciv.org/wiki/NEWS-2.3.5>. I'm not
> currently proposing to do this soon, although it probably wouldn't be
> much overhead to do two releases at once.)

 Well, I think we either release it relatively soon (well before
2.4.2) or not at all - no point in releasing from old stable series
once current series is mature enough for everybody (unless some
distribution out there runs a policy to accept bugfix releases of the
upstream projects as updates to their releases)

 - ML

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