Follow-up Comment #3, bug #21327 (project freeciv):

Hi Jacob,

Thanks for looking into this issue. It's actually my 2nd scenario (first one
being a WW1 recreation used in GT07) and funny enough, it's actually much
simpler than the previous one!

Yes the techs are on purpose. The finishing touches haven't been put in place
yet (like Scenario description, Game Year, etc..), because I wanted to test
play it a bit before submitting it to Davide Baldini for production.

This particular scenario will attempt to recreate the Colonizing efforts of
the Europeans. The game year will be set to around 1450 AD. Players will take
over a given "advanced" nation (such as the British), while the AI will
control all the "aboriginal" nations which are already established on the
various continents (America, Africa & Oceania). Eurasia is completely removed
from the map.

Anyhow, much of the work was done using the built-in Editor. However, some
repetitive tasks such as copying techs for a large number of nations was much
easier to accomplish by editing the sav game file offline using a text

I'll open up the sav file and verify all the research goals to eliminate the
Masonry inconsistency. Hopefully that should resolve the problem. I'll report
my results here.

Thanks again! - Nimmy.


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