Follow-up Comment #5, patch #4387 (project freeciv):

I'm getting quite undecided about this, so patch probably waits a bit.

- You're right we don't want to move file to one place now, and another place
later, with backward compatibility code then searching all the places it has
ever been. We want the file to go directly to correct place.
- As for partially supporting XDG that sounds like rather confusing situation.
After seeing all our other files in .freeciv user would expect also client
settings to be there, and not in XDG directory. And the other way around, user
who sees our files in XDG directories would expect all our files to comply.
But slowly moving files to be more and more XDG compliant is probably still
the best way to go forward with XDG compliance if we target it.
- I wanted all the files in one directory, XDG defines separate directories
for different kinds of files. Still, system where I want files to place other
than under home dir, has to do it for all similar files, so XDG would point to
sensible place. No need to configure freeciv separately.
- What this means for our Windows port? We have already had hard time making
sensible choices what is considered user home dir etc. Playing with env
variables is not very Windows.


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