Follow-up Comment #9, patch #4387 (project freeciv):

(Since we're discussing the XDG directory spec here) another thing that makes
me a bit uneasy about using that for Freeciv is that it mandates a default
fallback to a system-wide directory (under /etc/xdg) for config.
I'm not sure that's appropriate for .freeciv-client-rc, although I can't quite
articulate why. I like the current property of being able to blow it away from
my home directory and restore factory configuration without having to go on a
hunt to determine which system-wide files and environment variables might be
changing my experience from the developer default (e.g. when reporting bugs
upstream), and I'm struggling to see many realistic applications for a
system-wide client RC.

> Windows build problems with new fontconfig-2.11.0 seem to be 
> caused by new XDG compliance code... XDG requiring working 
> symlinks, to be exact.
Hmm, I don't notice anything explicit in the base directory spec requiring
symlinks -- is it an implied requirement? Or could it be a different XDG spec?
-- fontconfig is a (fka XDG) project
<>, after all.


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