Follow-up Comment #11, bug #21115 (project freeciv):

For effect reqs & nreqs, I think the plan now is:

S2_4: nreqs must be used, patch ruleset sanity checking to disallow negated =
TRUE reqs
2.6: nreqs are to be removed (or only deprecated?). present = FALSE reqs must
be used.

What about S2_5? Is it transition version where both are supposed to work? Or
do we handle it like S2_4? If both are supported, which method is the
preferred one (especially for new rulesets, should we recommend
safe-and-reliable nreqs, or less-work-in-future-update present = FALSE. Also,
supplied rulesets should use what ever is the preferred method - maybe it's
simply too late in stabilization to make present = FALSE the default now?)


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