Follow-up Comment #2, patch #4405 (project freeciv):

> Don't know if it matters, but remember that it's not 
> necessarily exactly "new tech made one new road generally 
> possible".
Indeed, it's not necessarily a tech that triggers it any more (although I
think that's all we'll handle at the moment?)
Would probably need to iterate over each road/base type and then cities inside

> Even classic ruleset has Bridge Building technology that 
> doesn't allow new road types, but one to build existing roads 
> on river tiles.
Playing on trunk, I had noticed getting one of these messages when I learned
Bridge Building, and wondered why.
I had not noticed that we'd got rid of free city bridges in the classic
ruleset by not having AlwaysOnCityCenter, although now I see it was discussed
extensively in patch #3522 and patch #3826. We should remember to put that in
In fact this is an example of where a ruleset custom message would be really
useful -- I can't see it being practical to have the core game engine come up
with a sensible description of this.

I'm now thinking a signal like:

bool city_infrastructure_upgraded(extra, reason, cause)
* "extra" somehow describes which base/road has been enabled. Could be just a
string, or we could add bases/roads/extras as first-class Lua types and pass
one of those.
* "reason" textually describes what triggered the upgrade:
** Techs: similar set to tech_researched, but qualified by "tech_":
"tech_researched", "tech_traded", "tech_stolen", "tech_hut" -- allows
"discovery" to be distinguished
** Others: another plausible place we should be calling
upgrade_all_city_extras() is on building wonders, to enable a wonder/building
tech. (Should this even be limited to the current player? -- this is a new
ticket, anyway) We'd have "building_*" (or just "building") reason for that.
* "cause" is the specific tech, building, etc that triggered the upgrade (this
can be a first class Lua type).

So for the classic ruleset our signal handler would go something like:
* Is reason "tech_*" with cause "Bridge Building": print a new message
"Discovery of Bridge Building leads workers to build bridges in all your river
* Else, if reason is "tech_*", print the traditional "new hope" or "the people
are pleased" message, either switching on tech/extra names or just using a
default fallback in default.lua which mentions extra names.
* Else: shouldn't happen (no wonders cause upgrades in default rulesets), so
do nothing. (Maybe default.lua does have words for this, however.)


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